Powerpuff Girls Z dubbed by Ocean

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CrystalAcids.com has learned that the English language version of Powerpuff Girls Z is being done by The Ocean Group. The show is a Japanese remake of the original American Powerpuff Girls cartoon, co-produced by Toei Animation, Aniplex and Cartoon Network.


  1. I have seen powerpuff girls z. The songs are great, but I have only been able to hear all the episodes in japanese and only one in english. It is totally unfair! Because, it seems I have looked everywhere to find out where to watch the powerpuff girls z in english (not in english subtitles).

    • Tiff
    • February 7, 2009 | Link
  2. Powerpuff Girls Z: Season 1 (Ep. 1-13) managed to make it to DVD in Thailand officially with Thai and English audio (English subtitles are closed captions for the English dub). I haven’t had much luck finding an online shop selling the copy I have, but I do plan to review this set and keep looking for an online Thai DVD shop. I’m hopeful that the publisher will at least release up through episode 26 which is the last known episode to have an English dubbed version.

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