Solid State Society dubbed twice?

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In his recent appearance on the Space Station Liberty internet radio show, Richard Epcar confirmed that he reprised his role as Batou in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex follow up movie Solid State Society, with Animaze/ZRO Limit handling production. However information from several sources, including Epcar himself, make it appear as if Bandai was originally intending to release this with a dub by The Ocean Group, using an entirely new cast, and only changed their mind after it had completed.

Bandai has been known to change dub casts for sequels of shows they’ve previously released, most notably for the Universal Century Gundam and Saber Marionette franchises. Paying to dub a movie twice marks a pretty significant change for them, especially with the current downturn in the industry. If the alternate dub by Ocean will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.


  1. As the producer in charge of the English version of Solid State Society, I can absolutely deny we made any dub of Solid State Society at Ocean Studios. The ADR production was already completed by Zro Limit and Animaze a while back and we are currently in the DVD authoring stage. We hope to premiere the English dub some time soon.

  2. […] you will recall an earlier report referring to comments from Epcar and several other sources, The Ocean Group was working on a Ghost […]

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