Chains of Lust DVD

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On the outside, Peach Paradise seems like your typical adult-themed video store. However, what happens inside is hardly what you would call typical. Owners Masaki Kitazawa and Koji Miyamoto have built their shop selling adult videos, but only a few people know the true secret behind the store: some of the videos are produced by the owners themselves who kidnap and rape their victims on film. Their newest target is Miki Seriyawa, a girl attending private school who has ample talent bouncing with every step. Add in a mother and aunt as equally filled-out and the newest “Chains of Lust” film is already looking at a popular roster to capture. Animated by Vanilla Series and based on the PC hentai-game Ryouzoku no Rensa comes Chains of Lust from Anime 18. (more…)

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