The Family Game DVD

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Director Yoshimitsu Morita’s award-winning black-comedy about a stereotypical Japanese family in modern, 1980’s-era Japan has been brought to DVD by Geneon Entertainment’s new Foreign Film Favorites line. The Family Game, based on a novel by Yohei Honma, follows the difficult life of the Numata family as they struggle to get the kids a good education in order to survive in the world. Shigeyuki Numata is one of the lowest-ranking students in school and no tutor has been able to motivate him to do anything about it. That is until the family hires Yoshimoto to knock some sense (literally) into Shigeyuki’s head. The question is, can Yoshimoto’s unorthodox methods convince the underachiever to straighten up his act before High School entrance exams? (more…)

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