Rainbow Kids DVD

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Joining Geneon Entertainment’s Foreign Film Favorites DVD line is director Kihachi Okamoto’s humorous tale of three amateur kidnappers trying to outfox a shrewd 82-year-old woman to earn some money. Rainbow Kids follows three pitiful thieves recently released from jail trying to get some money. Their leader, Kenji Tonami (Toru Kazama), knows of a rich old woman who would be perfect to kidnap and demand a ransom for. His accomplices, Masayoshi Akiba (Katsuyasu Uchida) and Heita Miyake (Hiroshi Nishikawa), perk up at the idea of kidnapping the richest lady in Kishu because they can demand fifty-million yen for her safe return and live on easy street for awhile. Toshiko Yanagawa (Tanie Kitabayashi; My Neighbor Totoro) may be old, but these thieves are in for a rough ride when the popular matriarch’s disappearance becomes a media news sensation. (more…)

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