Fate/stay night: War of the Magi DVD

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Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night is back with another volume of battles between the Magi competing in the Holy Grail wars. Shirou Emiya, the soul survivor of an explosion related to the last Grail war, has grown into a “nice guy,” though he is still haunted by memories of the past. Looked after by classmate Sakura Matou and teacher Taiga Fujimura, Shirou’s life is fairly well watched-over as he takes care of the estate he inherited from his father and goes to high school. But now that he has entered the Holy Grail wars, Shirou is going to have to learn a new role in life: Master. With the servant Saber at his side, Shirou will have to battle people he may already know in order to keep the general public safe from the deadly game of the Grail wars. From Geneon Entertainment comes the second of six volumes in the Fate/stay night series with Fate/stay night: War of the Magi. (more…)

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