ADV July 17th releases

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HOUSTON, May 14, 2007 —ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime outside of Japan, is pleased to bring you three titles sure to please fans of any genre.  The live-action film Ghost Train, the fourth volume of Best Student Council, and the complete thin-packed collection of Madlax will all be available on July 17! 


Get On. Get Dead.

ADV Films is proud to bring you a dark live-action horror that will have you thinking twice about taking the subway home.  Be ready to be frightened when Ghost Train pulls into the station on July 17. 

Shochiku’s electrifying and forbidden live-action film, Ghost Train is based on the urban legend of the haunted train and has been an enormous success in Asia.  Ghost Train takes audiences to a nightmare dimension where evil lurks in everyday life.  Fans of The Grudge and The Ring will feel right at home with this frightening and surreal title. 

Synopsis: Nana thought her life was scary enough.  Her graduation is looming, her mother is in the hospital and her sister Noriko is in a constant need of attention.  But, the train ride between all her responsibilities will prove to be the most horrifying part of her day.  Somewhere, deep underground in the tunnel near Mizunahsi Station, a dark spirit yearns for revenge.  One by one, people begin to mysteriously disappear.  Eventually, Nana’s own sister falls prey to the wicked tracks.  Together with her friend Kanae, she must now take one more trip into the darkness and confront the sinister force haunting below the depths.

Ghost Train (SRP $19.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release, presented in both English 4.0 and Japanese 4.0 with English subtitles.  Extras include “The Making of Ghost Train”, commentary with the English voice actors, the original Japanese trailer, the U.S. trailer and previews of upcoming ADV Films releases. 

DVD Product Details

Running Time:     90 min.

Age Rating:          TV MA

CAT:                      DGHT/001

UPC:                       702727171529

Pre-Book Date:    6/19/2007

Street Date:          7/17/2007

Format:                  DVD

SRP:                       $19.98 

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.



“A Fun and Energetic Anime.” – Animation World Magazine

ADV Films is pleased to bring you the fourth volume of Best Student Council, the light-hearted school comedy for all ages.  The next volume of this cute and classy tale will be available on July 17!

From the Production Team at J.C. Staff (Azumanga Daioh) and Director Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Love Hina) comes the most highly anticipated comedy of the year.  Join the girls of the academy and one strange puppet on one ride that is sure to leave you laughing.    

Synopsis: Not a day goes by at Miyagami Academy where the students of the “maximum authority wielding” Best Student Council don’t learn something new, especially about each other.  There are undercover agents from outside the school investigating what goes on inside.  Crazy!  Covert Squad members (and some annoying wannabes) keeping tabs on off-campus antics. Sneaky!  And one student who just flat out lies to her own mother, which causes all kinds of problems.  Let’s not forget the teachers.  They seem to be just as big of a mess as their students. Check out volume four of the Best Student Council because when it comes to secrets, this volume’s got it all.

Best Student Council: The Secret Life of Students (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release including episodes 15 through 18, presented in both English 2.0 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.  Extras include Japanese CD promos, plus clean opening animation, clean closing animation and previews of upcoming ADV Films releases.

DVD Product Details

Volume:                 4 of 6     

Running Time:     100 min.

Age Rating:          TV PG

CAT:                      DGOS/004             

UPC:                       702727167126       

Pre-Book Date:    6/19/2007

Street Date:          7/17/2007

Format:                  DVD

SRP:                       $29.98               

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.


“…An Intricately Woven and Well Told Story.” – Active Anime

ADV is proud to bring you the complete thin-packed adventure of Madlax.  Mystery and action wait around the corner when all 26 episodes arrive on July 17!

“Girls with guns” is such a rich vein of material, it never gets tired – especially when it’s from BEE Train, the masterminds behind Noir!  A cold blooded gun-for-hire teams up with an unassuming high school student to unlock the dark secret that unites them!

Synopsis: Madlax is an assassin, head and heels above the rest.  Nothing can surpass her skill in the art of combat, except perhaps her skill in the art of deception.  She will find you, she will charm you and then she will most certainly harm you.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  It doesn’t matter where you are.  It doesn’t even matter if you know she’s coming.  In the end, strong or wise, rich or hardened, friend or foe, Madlax will have you eating bullets out of the palm of her hand.  Margaret Burton is an orphaned schoolgirl with issues far greater than mere homework. Haunted by bizarre and cloudy dreams, she must not only endure the horrifying images of her past, but she must also traverse the treacherous path of high school.  Margaret is lost, lost in her way and lost in herself.  Grasping for the truth, she flutters in and out of reality without ever letting her feet touch the ground.  Her connection to Madlax is mysterious.  It’s dark, it’s deadly, and of course, it’s classified.

Madlax Complete Collection (SRP $69.98 DVD) is an anamorphic DVD-only release including all 26 episodes on five disks, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

DVD Product Details

Running Time:     650 min.

Age Rating:          TV 14 (V)

CAT:                      DMAD/BX2

UPC:                       702727150227

Pre-Book Date:    6/19/2007

Street Date:          7/17/2007

Format:                  DVD

SRP:                       $69.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.

About ADV Films:

In the 14 years since its inception, ADV Films has become the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation (“anime”) outside of Japan and has the largest English-language anime library in the world.  With best-selling titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Robotech, Full Metal Panic, Hello Kitty and Azumanga Daioh, ADV Films’ extensive catalog is fueling the popularity of anime around the globe. Always on the forefront, ADV is introducing North America to bold new anime franchises such as Gantz, Elfen Lied, Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker and DNAngel.  ADV Films’ library also includes popular live-action science fiction programs such as The Jim Henson Company’s Farscape, the nationally syndicated Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and the Saturn Award-nominated Mutant X.   In 2005 ADV Films was voted “Best Anime Company” in the SPJA awards, presented at Anime Expo, North America’s largest anime convention.  The readers of Anime News Network designated ADV Films “Overall Favorite Anime Company” in both 2004 and 2005.

Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions, spanning publishing, television, licensing and merchandising and continues to expand into new areas. Its Anime Networkâ„¢ is “America‘s #1 Anime Channel” reaching more than 40 million households.  It is the nation’s top video-on-demand (VOD) offering as well as a 24/7 linear cable channel and is the first television network dedicated to bringing anime and anime-related programming to consumers nationwide.  The company has two publishing arms: Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly magazine, and ADV Mangaâ„¢, dedicated to publishing graphic novels. Headquartered in Houston, the company has offices in Europe and Japan. For more information, visit

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