Kirei – the terror of beauty DVD

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Yoko Noguchi (Yukiko Okamoto; Bounce KO Gals, The Returner) is a successful plastic surgeon with a cold heart. Her warped view regarding beauty has left her greedy and selective of the clients she takes on; Dr. Noguchi’s practice is based on her customers’ looks and the size of their wallets. Late one evening, a disfigured woman appears on the doorstep of Yoko’s home/business. Yoshie Kono (Asuka Kurosawa; A Snake of June, Dead Waves) is seeking Dr. Noguchi’s expert skills to re-sculpt her into a beautiful specimen. Yoshie is willing to pay three million yen if the doctor will follow the patient’s unusual request: the doctor will perform the surgeries alone, after the clinic is closed, and with no nurses to assist. Director Katsuya Matsumura’s twisted psychological-horror film Kirei – the terror of beauty arrives in the US from Tokyo Shock. (more…)

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