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Tsukiko Izumisawa (Mami Nakamura; Tokyo Garbage Girl) is constantly having trouble sleeping at night. Images keep haunting Tsukiko, which she believes are connected to the memories she lost in a tragic accident. With the help of Dr. Hosono’s (Yoriko Douguchi; Ju-on) unorthodox hypnotherapy approach, Tsukiko is hoping to find out what happened and why she feels like she lost everything. Meanwhile, Izumisawa’s new downstairs neighbor is a peculiar man with a secret. Yamamoto (Kenji Mizuhashi; Kairo) devotes all of his time and energy to taking care of something in a basket. However, this basket doesn’t seem to hold a pet, because you can see a full head of straight black hair inside. Based on manga author Junji Ito’s beautiful and terrifying character, Tomie from Adness America comes to frighten a new audience. (more…)

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