School Rumble Cast Guessing Game

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FUNimation has opened up their School Rumble website along with a game to give out School Rumble Starter Box sets. By searching around the website, you can find audio clips of the different characters which you can then take a guess at which voice actor is playing the role.

Think you know who the voice cast of School Rumble is??

Find the hidden sound bites on the School Rumble website.  Then send an e-mail to with your best guess.  Five people who guess the most cast members correctly will win a School Rumble starter set.

The cast of School Rumble will be announced at Anime Expo.
Entry deadline is June 15th, so get your guess in soon.

  1. Tenma
    1. Luci Christian
    2. Cherami Leigh
    3. Laura Bailey
    4. Leah Clark
  1. Harima
    1. Chris Sabat
    2. Mike McFarland
    3. Brandon Potter
    4. Chris Cason
  1. Karasuma
    1. Rob McCollum
    2. Eric Vale
    3. Justin Cook
    4. Orion Pitts
  1. Mikoto
    1. Clarine Harp
    2. Laura Bailey
    3. Trina Nishimura
    4. Brina Palencia
  1. Eri
    1. Kate Oxley
    2. Leah Clark
    3. Monica Rial
    4. Luci Christian
  1. Yakumo
    1. Colleen Clinkenbeard
    2. Cherami Leigh
    3. Caitlin Glass
    4. Gwen Lau

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