009-1: Volume 1 DVD

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Shotaro Ishinomori’s manga spy series from the late ’60s is making a comeback thanks to Naoyuki Kanno (Kikaider, Cyborg 009). The director/character designer has taken the concept of the original 009-1 series and expanded it to introduce a new generation of fans to Ishinomori’s work. Set 140 years into the Cold War, the Eastern and Western blocs find themselves balancing peace on a razor-thin line while intelligence agencies from both sides do battle in a covert war. Using character designs from the Cyborg 009 series and storylines inspired by the spy movies of the 60’s era, 009-1 (pronounced Zero Zero Nine One) introduces Agent Mylene Hoffman, better known by her codename: 009-1, as the super-secret agent who always gets the job done. 009-1: Volume 1 from ADV Films brings action and intrigue back to the screen as Mylene demonstrates that brains and brawn can come in one beautiful package. (more…)

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