Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers DVD

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Based on the manga characer by Tohru Shinohara (Female Prisoner Scorpion #701) comes the third installment to the Zero Woman franchise. Rei (Japanese AV model Kumiko Takeda; Close Your Eyes and Hold Me), Zero Woman, has reached her limit on wanting to work for the special Zero Division of the police department. However, Rei is an assassin and is in the middle of an assignment, which means she can’t walk away just yet. The only early way out for the Zero Woman is to die in the line of fire. But when a fellow assassin, Katsumura (Keiji Matsuda), foils Rei’s attempt at suicide by shootout, the Zero Woman is renewed in wanting to kill all of her targets to end this mission. Central Park Media’s Asia Pulp Cinema brings Zero Woman III: Keishicho 0-ka no onna to America as Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers. (more…)

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