My Secret Cache DVD

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From a young age, the only thing Sakiko Suzuki (Naomi Nishida; Train_Man, Honey & Clover) cared about was money. Naturally, her family suggested she take her passion for counting and playing with money to find a job working at a bank. But counting other people’s money just wasn’t as fun as having it herself. Bored with her job, Sakiko wishes the bank would get robbed and she could be taken as a hostage… Be careful what you wish for, because it can come true. Taken hostage and thrown into the trunk of a car, along with a briefcase full of money, Sakiko starts to worry about what could happen to her when the robbers run the vehicle off a cliff in the Aokigahara wilderness. Sakiko and the briefcase are thrown clear and into the river before the car explodes. Sakiko is found safe-but-injured from the ordeal. The briefcase, on the other hand, remains missing with 500 million yen stuffed inside, and only Sakiko knows where it’s disappeared to. Director Shinobu Yaguchi’s (Waterboys) comedic story of a lazy girl who will do anything to get her hands on the lost 500 million yen is finally in English as My Secret Cache from Geneon Entertainment. (more…)

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