Tomie: Forbidden Fruit DVD

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Previously considered the final installment in a loosely-related series of films featuring the character Tomie, Tomie: Forbidden Fruit (Tomie: Saishuu-sho – Kindan no Kajitsu) follows the Hashimoto family’s brushes with the infamous beauty. Kazuhiko Hashimoto (Jun Kunimura; Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Alive, Godzilla: Final Wars) fell in love with a beautiful woman years ago in his youth. But something terrible happened and eventually he found and married another woman. However, his passion for that particular beauty never left and he named his daughter after his lost love: Tomie. Tomie Hashimoto (Aoi Miyazaki; Synesthesia, Yume Kikuchi of Someday’s Dreamers) has grown into an unpopular teenage girl, but one day she encounters a beautiful girl around her own age with the same first name. Tomie quickly becomes friends with Tomie Kawakami (Nozomi Ando; Sakuya: Yokaiden, The Suicide Manual), but things get messy when Kazuhiko sees a familar face. Based on the manga by Junji Ito comes Tomie: Forbidden Fruit from Adness America. (more…)

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  1. this is a very good movie, i like it,it´s rubbish but the music is very beautiful.

    • juno macguff
    • April 10, 2008 | Link