NTUSA August 2007

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Newtype USA features the hit show Code Geass

Plus! Exclusive summer special featuring the latest anime!!

HOUSTON, July 30, 2007—Newtype USA, the leading anime magazine in North America, wraps up the hot season with an amazing summer special! The August issue is overflowing with coverage on Code Geass, arguably the biggest anime currently in Japan. Let all this insider info—including interviews with director Goro Taniguchi and series organizer Ichiro Okouchi—tide you over until the show heads stateside. And no Newtype USA would be complete without updates on the beloved Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the highly anticipated Evangelion movies!

Newtype USA is also finishing the summer off with a video game exclusive! This month’s feature on Blue Dragon, the year’s biggest, baddest RPG, offers plenty of reasons to stay inside until school starts! And the summer special continues with 38 pages of the best that anime has to offer on US shores!

August is also a month of extras! Find the latest installment of CLAMP’s newest manga, KOBATO., available only in the pages of NTUSA! Plus, a free DVD comes packed with three full episodes of brand-new shows: AIR, Innocent Venus and Mushi-Shi. And the pull-out poster of Innocent Venus is the perfect viewing accessory!

Also inside the August issue:

  • 13 features, including Mushi-Shi, The Story of Saiunkoku and Eureka Seven
  • The official art of My-Otome
  • Read before you buy! Pages and pages of manga, DVD and game reviews!
  • More feature! Red Garden, The Wings of Honnêamise and Gunbuster 2
  • Info and pics on the latest Gundam and Evangelion gear!
  • Denno Coil sneak-peek!
  • More convention and cosplay coverage than any other anime magazine
  • Art instruction from world-famous illustrator okama!


Newtype USA Vol. 6, Issue 8 is available August 1, 2007

About Newtype USA:

Newtype USA is the official English-language version of Newtype, Japan’s #1 source for information about anime and manga.  Newtype USA includes all the best Japanese content translated, plus loads of original U.S. material: anime, manga, music, game, and toy reviews, feature articles, director interviews, artist profiles, and regular columns by industry experts, tastemakers and deep-cover insiders. Newtype USA also includes awesome bonus gear, such as a centerfold poster, a manga (comic) insert and an exclusive bonus DVD. For more information, visit http://www.newtype-usa.com.

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