Spaceship Agga Ruter DVD

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Masaki Kajishima (Dual!, Tenchi Muyo!, Masquerade) is back with another silly adventure across space and the bedsheets. Taiyo and his guardian android, Kei, travel through space onboard the Agga Ruter, a special ship not unlike some certain Jurairelated vessels. During their travels, Kei teaches Taiyo very special lessons in how to please women. Now that Taiyo has finally become a man, Kei can start their new adventure to find the Virginia and other key components her master has sent her out to locate. But the space pirates are hot on their trail to claim the ship and the secret components for themselves. The Space Opera hentai animated by AIC comes to DVD as Spaceship Agga Ruter from Anime 18. (more…)

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