ADV to handle Geneon titles in US

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While the weekend was busy with rumors of whether or not it was true, an official press release from ADV Films confirms that Geneon will be moving their sales, marketing, and distribution duties to ADV as of October 1st.

Personally, I’m rather disgusted with anime fandom at the moment thanks to many of the people I’ve seen posting online over the weekend. Those doing their own little happy dances that they might be able to get a Geneon title for a slightly bigger discount while ignoring the fact that real people who care deeply about this market are losing their jobs now. Wow, a whole friggin $1 to $3 dollars more off. Big whoop. Learn to shop better or don’t buy so much at once.

To all of those who have been with Pioneer and later with Geneon, thanks for all the hardwork and we wish you the best of luck from the staff at Crystal Acids.

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  1. I’m just happy to get anime at all and not have to resort to bootlegs where NO ONE gets money….

    • Paul
    • October 3, 2007 | Link

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