Xenosaga the Animation: Enter the Gnosis DVD

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Shion Uzuki and her KOS-MOS project for Vector Industries are in the testing phase when the Gnosis attack the ship, the Woglinde, to obtain the Zohar artifact replica. However, not everyone attacking the Woglinde is looking for the artifact. As Shion’s life is endangered by the Gnosis attack, KOS-MOS activates herself to save Shion as part of her hidden prime directives. KOS-MOS is now able to operate independently of Shion’s orders, and this worries Shion. Based on the PS2 game Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, Xenosaga the Animation: Enter the Gnosis adapts the original storyline found in the first game for veteran gamers and new viewers alike. (more…)

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