Geneon Spot closes, Letter from CEO

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Geneon Entertainment’s Marketing Manager Chad Kime has sent out an email informing fans that the Geneon Spot fanclub has been closed down. Included is a PDF letter from CEO Eiji Orii concerning people’s comments on Geneon’s halting of production.

“At this time, we are internally discussing plans to explore all available options to continue distribution of Geneon titles, both old and new, at a later date. However, nothing is certain at this time. We will release more information to the public once we have concrete plans, if any.

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  1. I am praying season two of black lagoon gets published. Even I seen the japanese version, I’d much rather complete the english set, which has better voice acting. Especially that one scene in season two, if you seen it you know what I mean

    • spacetimeflux
    • October 12, 2007 | Link