Bang Zoom! Entertainment produces commercial spot for Trauma Center: New Blood video game

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Project Presented Unique Proposition For Post Facility To Take On Commercial Production For A Spot To Be Included In 800,000 Promotional DVDs


Burbank, CA, November 20, 2007 – Bang Zoom! Entertainment, a leading full-service audio post production company and producer of original entertainment content, recently produced a 60-second commercial spot for the forthcoming Trauma Center: New Blood video game for the Nintendo Wii from Atlus, U.S.A., Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment. Trauma Center: New Blood is scheduled to ship to retailers nationwide on November 20.


The spot is to be featured on 800,000 promotional DVDs produced by Nintendo and will be sent to a variety of leading national retailers highlighting the latest Wii games. The spot is also viewable at


Atlus U.S.A. Senior Project Manager Sammy Matsushima turned to Bang Zoom! after hearing accolades on the company’s extensive track record of post work in the anime arena and the production of several episodes of original content for a televised program about anime called AnimeTV™. “We felt they were an ideal choice for this project because of their technical knowledge and familiarity with the anime and gaming arenas, to which Trauma Center has a huge appeal.”


The project also presented an interesting proposition for a post facility to undertake a commercial production, and was made critical with only a week to develop, cast, shoot and edit the spot.


“Nintendo had requirements for what they wanted in the spots for this DVD and we knew we would have to shoot new content, but there wouldn’t be much time until the deadline,” recalls Jeremy Cail, Atlus U.S.A. Creative Designer. “The segment was going to require action shots with real actors playing the game combined with a witty premise to hold people’s attention.”

Trauma Center: New Blood is the third volume of the Trauma Center series of surgery simulation video games which have been widely acclaimed for their realism and drama. Trauma Center: New Blood is a self-contained installment with an entirely new plot, and is also the first game of the series to offer two-player cooperative play, where one person assists another in a variety of surgical procedures. Other new features not available in the previous versions include online leader-boards, full voice-over dialogue and a 16:9 widescreen mode.


Matsushima, Cail and Atlus QA Specialist/Media Assistant Hans Christian Peña conceived a storyline but production time was short. Before production commenced, Bang Zoom! Entertainment had tapped director Alex Von David to make the storyboards a reality. Von David is a Cleo-winning director who shot commercials for several PlayStation®2 games, as well as Verizon, McDonalds, and Penzoil. Camera work was handled by Director of Photography Jeremy Oliver, who also shot all of Bang Zoom’s AnimeTV episodes. A Panasonic DVX-100 camera was selected as it provided 24p acquisition that closely mimics the aesthetic qualities of film and gave the best resolution.


The new spot was shot and edited in a scant two days but highlights all of Trauma Center: New Blood’s operating room action, which was partially recreated at Bang Zoom! Entertainment’s spacious Burbank East sound stage. It opens as a realistic heartbeat pulses and the audience sees a surgeon wash his hands and prep for surgery. As the glare of an operating room light momentarily blinds the camera, it cuts to a new shot of the doctor repeatedly motioning for a surgical instrument from a pretty young girl. The words “Maybe you’re not a doctor” flash across the screen and the young surgeon is instead handed a Wii controller. The spot then pulses to the techno soundtrack from the game and integrates real screen shots of Trauma Center: New Blood action as the surgeon and the girl demonstrate the two-player features. The spot concludes as the “surgeon” smirks and throws his mask to his “assistant” as she looks back, perturbed. The words “Play doctor” flash across the screen and cuts to a quick shot of the doctor leaning over for a kiss, but instead merely gets the surgical mask thrown back in his face.


Bang Zoom! chief engineer Patrick Rodman did final mixing, added some ambient Foley, and also spent time tweaking the sound of a lone heartbeat that opens the spot. “That pulsing heartbeat is designed to grab the viewer’s attention and it had to sound dramatic but be realistic.” 


“We were very excited to produce this spot for Atlus U.S.A.,” says Bang Zoom! Entertainment  President Eric P. Sherman. “We have a strong audio post production infrastructure, with a very talented and enthusiastic team, and we are now excited to also explore opportunities to be involved in actual production. As we continue to widen our services we look to become a preeminent provider of audio post, ADR and now production services to the gaming arena.”



Located in Irvine, California and founded in 1991, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is a publisher of compelling video games for a variety of platforms, including the Nintendo DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. Atlus U.S.A, Inc.’s library of critically acclaimed video games includes Odin Sphere, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, and the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series. For more information, visit



Headquartered in Burbank, California, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Inc. is a leading full-service audio post production studio for feature films, television, interactive gaming, anime and direct to home entertainment content. Founded in 1993, the company offers a range of specialized services including a critically acclaimed staff of recognized voice talent, ADR,/Foley recording, sound design, and 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II mixing and encoding. Bang Zoom! Entertainment is also committed to developing a range of independent projects that contribute to the promotion of innovative cultural awareness internationally. For more information, visit

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