Anime Today: Episode 75

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New York Anime Festival Organizers Lance Fensterman & Peter Tatara Japanese weddings, TsuShiMaMiRe, reviews, contests & more in episode 75!

GRIMES, IA, September 12, 2008 – Anime producer and mega-online anime retailer Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to welcome Lance Fensterman and Peter Tatara – the show manager and programming manager for the New York Anime Festival –

to episode 75 of ANIME TODAY.In this new interview, Tatara and Fensterman discuss the array of special guests appearing at the New York Anime Festival over the weekend of September 26-28, 2008. Guests include Vampire Hunter D creator and novelist Hideyuki Kikuchi, artist Yoshitaka Amano, “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto, Japanese voice actor Rie Tanaka, and fashion house Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, plus musical acts and a variety of guests from all facets of the North American anime and manga publishing industries.

Also in episode 75 of ANIME TODAY:

– Chad tells listeners “What’s Hot” in the world of anime and


– Shawne tells fans about the “Amazing Deals” they can find on

DVDs and merchandise from ADV Films.

– Kris and Judy are back with a wedding-themed installment of the

“Anime and Gamers’ Guide.”

– Rich and Nick remind listeners about a month-long contest

centered around the Korean television series My Girl. They also kick-off two new contests: one for tickets to theatrical screenings of Death Note

II: The Last Name and a second for passes to the New York Anime Festival.

– Marie checks out the YuYu Hakusho Season 1 DVD Box Set.

– Judy-sensei returns with a new mini Japanese 101 lesson about

how to congratulate newlyweds and new parents.

– Rich and Nick provide a rundown of upcoming conventions,

courtesy of

– Listen to musical clips from the release Pregnant

Fantasy by TsuShiMaMiRe, a rock trio that will be performing at the New York Anime Festival.

– And finally, ANIME TODAY highlights some of the newest fan

reviews from visitors.

Have a question about anime and manga? Want to comment on one of the podcast’s segments? Call our Anime Today Hotline at 1-800-338-6827, ext.

7424. You may hear yourself on a future episode of Anime Today!

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> for this episode, as well as an archive of all ANIME TODAY episodes and extended liner notes.


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