Suicide Club (Suicide Circle): Unrated Version DVD

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On May 26th, fifty-four school girls stand on a train platform at Shinjuku Station awaiting their train and smiling. As the train rounds its final corner and enters the station, the fifty-four girls, holding hands, jump simultaneously in front of the train, committing mass suicide. As the police begin to investigate, the possibility that this might be a suicide cult is suggested, but the Chief of Police shoots down the idea in fear of copycats. The death toll begins to rise as a website tracks the number of deaths… before they’ve happened. Writer/director Sion Sono (Noriko’s Dinner Table) opens a disturbing dialogue about Japan’s high suicide rate with the film Suicide Club (Suicide Circle): Unrated Version from TLA Releasing. (more…)

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  1. This is one of my favorites.

    • slave
    • November 11, 2008 | Link

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