Various Vancouver dub actors in Watchmen

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Some dub actors from the Vancouver area can currently been seen in small roles in the film, Watchmen. To be specific, Jay Brazeau (more well known for his original animation and live action work), Louis Chirillo (Mark Hildreth’s replacement as Heero Yuy, Prof. Utonium in Power Puff Girls Z), L. Harvey Gold (Matoi Shinkai in Kishin Corps, Murao Mima in Key the Metal Idol), and Alessandro Juliani (L in Death Note, Koji in ÅŒban Star-Racers).

Also, Ocean Productions dialogue adaptor and production coordinator Ian Farthing (ZOIDS: Chaotic Century, Banner of the Stars, Maison Ikkoku) has a small role.

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  1. Also, Mark Acheson (Tawalya in .hack//Roots, Unicron in Transformers: Armada) may have been the thug who Rorschach beats up in the bar toward the end of the movie; however, he’s not credited for it.

    • Brent Long
    • March 12, 2009 | Link

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