Eureka seveN Movie Japanese Trailer

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Cartoon Network once gave a bump to a little known — *laugh*BONES title known as Cowboy Bebop lifting it from obscurity to the point that Sony Pictures snagged the license to the movie. Of course, we could also say they’ve doomed us all with the news of a live action movie with Keanu Reeves currently attempting to be in the works. We can only hope they learn from past mistakes.

Now another Bandai series with a Cartoon Network Adult Swim run is getting a theatrical film: Eureka seveN. The official Japanese website has been updated with a movie trailer and the race to snag the U.S. distribution rights to this film can’t be far behind. If you missed the U.S. broadcast of the TV series and skipped the DVD singles, now is the perfect time to jump on a collection of Eureka seveN. Eureka seveN: Pocket Full of Rainbows hits Japanese theaters on April 25th.

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