Apocalypse Meow gets Animated

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Motofumi Kobayashi’s three volume manga series Cat Shit One took a look at the Vietnam War from the American soldier’s perspective on the ground with an animal twist. Not unlike Art Spiegelman’s epic Maus graphic novel, soldiers take on a more cutesy form with rabbits for Americans, cats for the Vietnamese, and a handful of other animals representing the other countries involved during the war. The series managed to make it to the American shore through ADV Manga’s short life as Apocalypse Meow.

Now Studio Anima, who typically animates CG scenes for video games, is bringing back the series with an updated storyline. Cat Shit One: The Animated Series moves the rabbits’ struggles from the American soldier in Vietnam to the private contract soldier fighting in Iraq. If URDA: The Third Reich can manage to get licensed, adorable bunnies with guns should be a shoe in.

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  1. […] Following up on our story about Apocalypse Meow (aka Cat Shit One in Japan) getting an animated series, the first trailer out of Studio Anima has hit YouTube to check out the CG rabbits with guns action. The footage was first shown at TAF 2009 last week and now you can decide if you’re ready for the 12 planned episodes of Cat Shit One: The Animated Series. Comments RSS TrackBack URI apocalypse meowjapankazuya sasaharamotofumi kobayashionly in japantrailer […]

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