FUNi to stream 7 Toei titles

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Alliance Begins With Digital Distribution of Catalog Series

Flower Mound, Texas – April 3, 2008 – FUNimation® Entertainment and Japanese powerhouse producer Toei Animation Co., Ltd. have entered into a digital content partnership in which the U.S. anime leader will distribute seven series from Toei’s catalog starting Friday, April 3rd.

English-subtitled episodes from “Air Master”, “Captain Harlock”, “Digimon Adventure 02”, “Fist of the North Star”, “Galaxy Express”, “Pretty Cure” and “Slam Dunk” will be offered in the U.S. by streaming via FUNimation’s online video portal,

Totaling more than 500 episodes, these seven series launch with “Fist of the North Star”. One complete series will be added each week for seven weeks.

Fist of the North Star – Set in a time when war has turned the world into a nuclear wasteland. The oceans have dried up, the land is scorched and the surviving humans have formed a violent society. In this world of mayhem, a drifter in possession of a lethal fighting style known as the Divine Fist of the North Star wanders the arid desert seeking to rescue his lover, Yuria.

Slam Dunk – A high-school drama about a young loser who goes out for the basketball team in hopes of winning the affection of a cute girl. In his quest for love, he sparks a rivalry with the team’s star as they set out to win the championship.

Digimon Adventure 02 – New enemy Digimon Kaiser, appears in the Digital World and is out use his considerable powers to control all Digimon. The crisis gives rise to a new generation of hero, the Veemon, which is able to combine with DigiMental to create a new type of Digimon.

Captain Harlock – Set in the year 2977, mankind has become complacent and stagnant, devoting its time to entertainment while machines do all the work. When a mysterious invader from the stars catches Earth unaware, only the legendary space pirate Captain Harlock and the crew of the Arcadia have the will to stand up against it.

Galaxy Express 999 – In the distant future a boy names Tetsuro wants his body replaced with a robotic one. For this to happen, he must reach the Immortal Planet by space train Galaxy Express 999. He is joined on the journey by Maetel, a beautiful and mysterious woman.

Pretty Cure – This series revolves around Nagisa and Honoka, eighth graders at the Verone Junior High School for girls, who encounter two mysterious creatures that came down from the sky one night. Named Mepple and Mipple, the creatures fled their homeland, known as the Field of Light, in order to escape an attack by the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone. They grant Nagisa and Honoka the power to transform into superheroes dubbed “Cure Black” and “Cure White,” who may be our planet’s only hope in battling the evil Dotsuku Zone.

Air Master – Maki Aikawa, a 16 year old schoolgirl turned street fighter. She fights opponent after opponent gracefully, demonstrating the gymnastic skills that in turn earn her the name, “Airmaster”.

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