Professor Layton in NYC

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Sept. 14, 2010

Nintendo News

Stovepipe Hats in High Demand as Professor Layton’s Iconic Style Hits the New York Fashion Scene

With New York Fashion Week in full swing through Sept. 16, designers, consumers and media around the world have turned their eyes to the Big Apple to view the latest fashions hitting the runway. Quite unexpectedly, one item is emerging as the season’s most sought-after accessory: the classic stovepipe hat. Industry watchers are crediting this unique trend to Professor Layton, star of the new Professor Layton and the Unwound Future™ game for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems. Fans of the acclaimed hand-held game series already recognize the professor’s signature stovepipe hat as an emblem of scholarly chic and puzzle-solving fun. Since the third installment of the Professor Layton series launched across North America on Sept. 12 – right in the middle of New York’s fall fashion maelstrom – the stovepipe hat has seen a mighty surge in popularity, appearing everywhere from crowds to catwalks.

Although his status as a fashion trendsetter is just now hitting its peak, Professor Layton is recognized far and wide for his superior puzzle-solving skills. And no matter what they’re wearing, audiences are sure to enjoy the new puzzles in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Players must help to unravel a new mystery by solving a series of mind-bending riddles and challenging puzzles. When the professor and his apprentice, Luke, receive an ominous letter sent from 10 years in the future, they must travel through time to prevent the city of London from falling into chaos. Players will encounter more than 165 entertaining puzzles as they wind their way through the game’s captivating storyline.

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