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Filed under: News — drakh @ 6:17 pm has recieved word that the English dub of Naruto is being produced by Studiopolis Inc., who are also currently working on Zatch Bell for Viz Media.


  1. Steve Blum= Kakashi as I here.

    • Matthew
    • May 31, 2005 | Link
  2. Here are some more RUMORED cast members:

    Johnny Yong Bosch – Naruto
    Eric Stuart – Gaara
    Rachael Lillis – Sakura
    Mark Hildreth – Sasuke
    Steve Blum – Kakashi

    These are rumors, but I’ve heard many sources tell me the same thing… so these MIGHT be true!

  3. what i heard vic migona -Naruto

    • animeforever05
    • May 31, 2005 | Link
  4. I dunno, most of that just sounds like wishful thinking from various fans. It’s definitively being recorded in Los Angeles, and Stuart, Lillis, Hildreth and Mignogna live elsewhere. If they were in it it would be just as guest characters, and even that’s a stretch.

    • drakh
    • May 31, 2005 | Link
  5. Actually, from what I hear Vic SAID he was in it, but NOT as Naruto.

  6. It’s always a posibility, however some people seem to think Vic said he was in Hikaru no Go too, but according to my inqueries that was not the case.

    • drakh
    • June 1, 2005 | Link
  7. Sorry, I just came across this and I thought I’d fill in my two cents..

    This all sounds like a game of telephone to me..

    Vic never said he was in the cast. He said he’d LIKE to be in the cast. At least that’s what he stated in his panel at ACen not to long ago. And I also remember him saying it in a chatroom I was in with him quite some time ago. People were suggesting that he be Sai in Hikaru no Go, and he just went along saying that he’d love to be in the show even though he had never seen it. And it’s the same case with him in Naruto. He’s just giving the fans what they want to hear.

    I love Vic. He’s an awesome person and a great voice actor, but I really don’t want him to be cast as Naruto, so I’m hoping that these are all for sure rumors.

    And from what I heard, Naruto is being dub in LA, so I’m assuming all the VAs are to be from that area.

    Haha.. sorry, this was a little longer than I had planned it to be..

    • Erica
    • June 10, 2005 | Link
  8. Anime News Netowrk Says Colleen O’Shaughnessey will be doing the voices of Ino and Konohamaru.

    • Fiorae
    • July 9, 2005 | Link
  9. does anyone know of a place to hear a clip of the possible voice actors for English dub Naruto? Just saying a simple something, because I don’t know who anyone is except the voice actor for Misty (doing Haruno Sakura?), and possibly that Spike guy.

    • Tigerchu
    • July 20, 2005 | Link
  10. I see the guy who plays Sasuke,but the voice actor is not Mark Hildreth,is Yuri Lowenthal,He also plays Haru Glory from Rave Master.I seen it in Anime News Network,I suprised for a second.

    • johnniejhill
    • August 9, 2005 | Link
  11. naruto rocks!!!!

    • Lizzie
    • August 20, 2005 | Link
  12. Viz announced the proper listing of the English Cast for Naruto a while ago…
    Visit either or for more information.

    • Colin
    • August 29, 2005 | Link
  13. …or you could just look at our front page. (Direct link.)

    • drakh
    • August 30, 2005 | Link
  14. […] there was recently cast some doubt on our earlier report regarding the English language version of Naruto being produced by Studiopolis, we got voice […]

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