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With DLsite.com opening an English version of their online store, various virtual merchandise is being translated for a new audience.  Now we can enjoy the work made by smaller artists and circles. R-LABEL has their first hentai flash game now available for consumption by the English audience with Please!! Shooting Star. Playing the role of a guy (yep, that’s you!) who wished upon a star one night for a little sister, you/he/somebody is in alot of trouble because it came true. Be careful what you wish for… (more…)

Another title translated into English by DLsite.com, Street F*cker delivers a real-time 3D erotic fighting game developed by circle Digital Dimension. Powered by MatrixEngine, you can walk the streets for women to challenge in a fight where a win could earn your their submission or even punishment for crossing your path. But, will you pound your way to the top or just enjoy the runners-up? (more…)

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