Victorious Boxers: Revolution (US Wii) announced

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Following up on our news post back in March, XSEED Games have announced that they plan to release the Hajime no Ippo (a.k.a. Fighting Spirit) Wii game in the US this fall. has several video clips posted from the Japanese release to tide you over for now.

Key Features
• Realistic one-on-one boxing experience, the first of its kind on the Wii
• Massive Story Mode with loads of in-game cut-scenes, voiced dialogue and plenty of unlockable content including special abilities, stages and boxers, with three difficulty settings to choose from
• Sparring Mode with a variety of adjustable settings such as number of rounds and knock-down limits
• 25 playable characters to choose from, each with their own unique special moves such as the Gazelle Punch, Shotgun and Flicker Jab, and ability to adjust their speed, power and strength parameters
• Three different types of control modes: Swing Mode allows the player to punch and maneuver using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as if they are wearing boxing gloves; • Pointer Mode allows the player to point and place a cursor on their target on screen and execute the moves with a smaller movement of the Wii Remote; and Classic Controller Mode
• A variety of stages / venues to choose from, including Sydney City Arena, Las Vegas Palace and Korakuen Hall

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