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It started as a joke. Then the hints started to arrive. Is this madness? No. THIS IS COFFEE MAN!!!

By the way, if someone sees Wheeler tell him we’re sending a bill for all the advertising he’s getting. ūüėČ Not pictured are the issue of HELIO, Tick: Season 2 iron-on, Sneek Peeks√ā¬†of new manga (Viz, Dark Horse, CMX, MegaTokyo 5) and the Futurama Returns comic. The last one is particularly fun since I’m a Futurama/Simpsons fan. No wonder the box from Geneon was 5 pounds.

Next year let’s hope someone can swing me a ticket to ComicCon and a chance to meet Jessica Alba. Strictly for interview content purposes only, of course. (Or at least will be my excuse when the gf starts to ask…)

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