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RightStuf announced that they will be re-releasing Tylor in thinkpak form (a great option for those that missed the Ultra editions). They will also be releasing their Toward the Terra movie on DVD and licensed Gakuen Alice to be released in a single set.

Those who have been missing Geneon will be pleased to know that the distribution deal originally to be signed with ADV has now been signed with FUNimation. That’s right, several of Geneon’s current series will be coming back including Black Lagoon, Rozen Maiden, Fate/stay night, and When They Cry. Celebrate the chance to finish collecting these series. Geneon will still be overseeing the dubbing and other aspects of their titles while FUNimation markets and distributes the titles on DVD. Many of these series were finished by their current dubbing studios last year so don’t expect a big disruption in the English cast between the previous releases and new volumes.

Finally, ADV has officially given word that Sojitz has pulled out of financially backing the company. While ADV is staying mum on what is going on behind-the-scenes until Otakon, Sojitz has transfered the rights to 32 series Sojitz financed with ADV to FUNimation to release on DVD. Many of these have already recieved complete releases while a few have been struggling to reach the last volumes (Kanon, Welcome to the NHK) or were never released (Sgt. Frog).

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