ADV/Geneon strategic alliance called off

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The ADV/Geneon deal that would have placed sales, marketing, and distribution of Geneon’s titles in ADV’s hands has been called off between the two companies. The press releases from ADV and Dentsu (Geneon’s Japanese parent company) don’t reveal many details other than the deal has been called off, but that won’t stop the rampant speculation this weekend by fans. Over the past couple of weeks Geneon has been letting go of its sales and marketing staff so the company will have to decide something soon as ADV was set to take control as of Oct. 1st.

 Oh! And if someone sees Stephen Tang wandering around, tell him to email in. I’m not through with our Alba VS Kardashian conversation just yet. 😉

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  1. […] who have been missing Geneon will be pleased to know that the distribution deal originally to be signed with ADV has now been signed with FUNimation. That’s right, several of Geneon’s current series […]

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